Week 11 Part 1…

Week 11

Last Week: 9-7

Season Record: 96-50

Well due to a short week for me, I am forced to do this week’s entry as a two parter.  I know, those drove me nuts too.  Especially when they had tantalizing previews that made you unable to wait for the next episode.  Well, here’s your appetizer for the rest of the week in the person of the…

New York Jets (5-4) @ Denver Broncos (4-5) (Thursday Night)

Well if the rest of the season is any indication, the Jets just got their first loss in the string of three.  New York won their first two, dropped their next three, then won three in a row.  Last weeks embarrassing loss to New England could be the tip of the losing iceberg as Rex Ryan’s team must fly to Denver on a short week and play against a suddenly threatening Bronco team.  Denver has switched to almost exclusively a running team to fit Tim Tebow’s strengths.  Good thing too, because his coach doesn’t think Timmay could handle a normal offense.  The good news for Denver is New York is in the middle of the league when it comes to stopping the run.  The other good news is they will likely be able to lull Darrelle Revis to sleep.

The short week and the long flight catches the Jets napping, Denver wins 21-17

Next time on Week 11…

Will the Bills be Buffaloed?

What did they do to Marshawn Lynch and who is the man toting the rock for Seattle?

And will the Giants swat our nations bird around some more?

All this and much more next time on SonicsBill’s Week 11 Picks!


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